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Luanda Magere – The Historical Legend – A visit to the lakeshore city of Kisumu won’t be complete without a visit to the plains of Kano.  This excursion will take us to the site where one of the great Luo sons, was laid to rest. Magere was staying in Kano in a clan called Sidho, however, it’s believed that he wasn’t a true Kano native, he was coming from the Kombe clan which was not Luo but “Mwa” in the simplest term a Bantu speaking group.

Kisumu city has a lot to offer in terms of day activities that are well strewn in different parts of the lake region’s environment. With Oluokos Signature, you will have the best options to choose from our wide menu of activities.

An excursion to presumed grave of the warrior of the Luo tribe that the popular legend of Luanda Magere is spoken, a popular film released in 2020. Folklore spoke of this mighty warrior with superhuman strength at the shores of Lake Victoria that would single-handedly fight the enemies of the tribe.

Tales are told of his unearthly powers and his skin of stone. It is said that he was indestructible and spears, arrows and clubs simply bounced off his body. His extraordinary ability to tear entire tribal armies apart is celebrated up to this day. The mighty Luanda, met his death when one enemy warrior, knowing his secret powers, struck his shadow with a spear. The legend fell down and died and his body turned to stone, which visitors can see today at the shrine.

The mythical story about Luanda Magere is that: Long time ago there was a problem with grazing land between the Nandi people who are highland Nilotes and Luo who are the River-Lake Nilotes wh occupy the vast and fertile plains of Kano. Due to these plains fertility, there was an assured pasture for livestock all year round and the Nandi living on the neighboring hills areas could not find enough grass for their livestock. This led to the two tribes engaging in wars every time over the grazing fields of Kano.

During these wars, mostly Luos were killed and their herds were taken away leading them to experience prolonged periods of hardship. One day, Luanda Magere decided to join the fight and made sure that their cattle grazed on their piece of land. For a much longer time, he killed several prominent Nandi warriors. Both sides were amazed at the power and strength possessed by this gigantic Luo warrior.

According to the facts from the rival tribe, no spears nor metal could enter his body because he was as strong as stone hence the name “Luanda” in the Luo dialect means Rock. The wars became numerous and every time the proud Luanda Magere and the Luo tribe emerged victoriously.

On seeing the level of loss that they were subjected to, Nandi decided to look for the secret of his strength. This mission was given to “Rono” who became a friend to Luanda Magere. They were seen together after each fight to review the episode. Rono would beg Magere to forgive the Nandi and to let them graze, but Magere would not listen to this and he instead continued with the killings. Upon seeing this, the Nandi hatched a plan; they decided to give Magere a Nandi woman to marry. The lady was married as a second wife. The woman was to get to know his power base, which she did and told her people. One day during their common wars, an informed Nandi warrior speared the shadow of this Luo great warrior. This resulted to the death of Luanda Magere and a big loss to the Luo community. 


  • Learn more about the great Luo legend, Luanda Magere.
  • Drive through the expansive Kano plains.
  • Visit the Ahero rice paddies and see how rice is grown
  • Enjoy the mouth-watering lakeside delicacies at Dunga Beach.


  • Knowledgeable English speaking guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance fees
  • Picnic or hot lunch, and water
  • Additional services
  • Insurance cover
  • Non alcholic and soft drinks
  • Boat cruising

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