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Kakamega Forest National Reserve, Kakamega, Kenya
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Kakamega Forest – Leaving Kisumu after early breakfast we will drive to the tropical equatorial rainforest of Kakamega via the Kavirondo Rift Valley system.

Kakamega rain forest is the only remaining rain forest in Kenya and the furthest East remnant of the Guineo-Congolean rain forest that is scattered across Zaire, Uganda, and Kenya. This forest provides a unique sanctuary for a remarkable diversity of endemic plants, birds, and insects not found anywhere else in the country.

To note is its most outstanding feature of water that runs down this towering rock making it look like a gowned figure in perpetual tears. The Crying Stone is located in an ideal place to host traditional dances such as Isukuti, Tindikiti, Litungu, Bukhana, Shilili, Indebendebe just to mention a few. On display are artifacts from the Western Kenya communities where we will sample and if possible buy what we need. From here, we will drive back to Kisumu marking the end of our excursion.

Kakamega Forest, is a jungle-like no other and an epicenter of significant ecological interest since it is a relic of the equatorial rainforest which once spread from West Africa to the East African coast. Though it lies somewhat off the main tourist trail, Kakamega is increasingly becoming a popular destination for butterfly lovers, birdwatchers and other specialists looking for species more normally associated with central and West Africa.

Sykes monkey, Red-tailed Colobus and Black-and-white colobus are both very common and overnight visitors with a spotlight stand a good chance of picking out the nocturnal potto, a sloth-like primate distantly related to the better-known bush babies. In addition, around 10 percent of the reserve’s over 300 bird species occur nowhere else in Kenya, most alluringly perhaps is the majestic and comical Great Blue Turaco, flocks of which fly clumsily in the canopies between the trees like psychedelic turkeys.

The forest is around 200 sq. km of undisturbed forest remains, and divided into the two main sectors for the administration purposes. These are the Kakamega National Reserve, which falls under Kenya Wildlife Service and lies to the north of Kakamega on the east side of the Webuye road, and the Kakamega Forest Reserve, which falls under the Kenya Forest Service and lies to the east of town along a dirt road through Isecheno.

For the bird lovers, the forest reserve is generally regarded to offer the best birding, and it is also where the bulk of the accommodation lies, including the upmarket Rondo Retreat and delightful but affordable Forest Rest House. However, dedicated birders will also want to check out the national reserve, which protects a slightly different selection of bird species, and has alternative accommodation facilities in bandas.

We have an option of enjoying picnic lunch in the forest or a hot meal in Kakamega town. From here, we will proceed to the Crying Stone of Ilessi which. This amazing granite rock is about 40 meters high with a small rock perched on top that forms unique attractions in Western Kenya. This is an imposing feature especially when you get near it – these rocks have a long history with the Luhya community as they were used for conducting cultural ceremonies and traditional rituals.


  • Drive through the beautiful countryside from the lakeside city to the middle altitude of Kakamega Forest.
  • Enjoy a luxuriant walk under the canopy of the forest.
  • An informative guided tour of Kakamega Forest, Kenya's only equatorial rain forest.
  • Wlaking on the primates trails while also bird watching.
  • Enjoy the mouth-watering picnic lunch in the forest or have it served from a hotel in Kakamega.


  • Knowledgeable English speaking guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance fees
  • Picnic or hot lunch, and water
  • Additional services
  • Insurance cover
  • Non alcholic and soft drinks
  • Boat cruising

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Kakamega Forest National Reserve, Kakamega, Kenya


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