33 Reasons for Visiting Kenya

33 Reasons for Visiting Kenya – Well dubbed that the concept of the safari holiday experience started in Kenya. This could be true remembering that even the word ‘safari’ itself even stems from the Swahili dialect for ‘journey’ that is well known from the East African Coast. With all these in mind, Kenya safari holidays […]

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9 Reasons for Visiting Kitale

9 Reasons for Visiting Kitale – Situated in the least known Western Kenya Tourist Circuit, Kitale is predominantly an agricultural town that is surrounded by agricultural farms throughout the year.  On the other hand, the alternating fields of burnt-orange colours and greenhouses that are used to grow flowers, which are then exported to Europe and other global […]

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6 Reasons Why Explore Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, is the largest of all African lakes, is also the second largest freshwater body in the world. Its extensive surface belongs to the three countries; the northern half to Uganda, the southern half to Tanzania, and part of the northeastern sector to Kenya being the smallest part. The lake occupies a wide depression […]

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5 Top Reasons to Visit Kisumu

Kisumu, Kenya’s Only Lakeside City – Lying on the northeastern shore of Lake Victoria, Kisumu also well known as Kisumo, is Kenya’s only lakeside city. The city serves the commercial, industrial, and transportation hub of western Kenya, serving a hinterland populated by almost four million people. This is the third-largest city in Kenya after the capital, Nairobi, and […]

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