Why Us

At Oluokos Signature, we are committed to ensuring that you get up close and personal life-changing life experiences whilst promoting responsible travel and supporting local conservation in our handpicked destinations.

At Oluokos comfort is our number one essential; our core focus is on experiential luxury rather than the look and the maximum number of guests you can take.

By choice, we strike a balance by doing both. We realized that there is no point in staying in a luxury lodge if there are no attractions to enjoy! Please note that majority of our experiences are tailored to the specific requirements. Whether you are looking for some sweet family moments or group relaxation – we are equally privileged to handle excellently specialist requirements- whether you are looking for bird watching experience or honeymooners’ departures.

To have a chat with one of our specialists and for your ultimate wildlife holiday please get in touch.

We’re Eco-Conscious – At Oluokos Signature, we frequently monitor the social, economic, and environmental impact of our experience executions to ensure that we are at the forefront of responsible and ethical tourism in the industry. Please read more about Sustainable Tourism

Customized & Scheduled Departures with freedom to book…

When it comes to your African holiday planning and weaving process, one of the best analogies is that it’s like fixing a jigsaw or your own chase board. At Oluokos, we will be more than happy to walk with you on every page of your expectations. 

With every step getting closer to your holiday, we’ll offer you options for thrilling, exciting, rewarding and life-changing holiday experiences. It means you’re having flexibility of your own holiday – but of course with our expert assistance, advice and recommendations to help make a well-formed decisions.

Apart from our scheduled private departures, we specialize in customized holiday, but because we are aware that some of our guests prefer being in the company of others while on holiday, we’ve also handpicked an unrivalled selection of high-end small group tours that bring together families, friends, work mates, collage mates, and colleagues. Whatever way you want to travel, Oluokos Signature is willing to listen and take care of the finest details.

Honest and unbiased expert advice – We don’t sugar-coat anything about our destinations and this is our pride. Our pride still shines by being truly honest and unbiased in our advice. Having contracts with accommodation properties or airlines, and aligned with some, DMC doesn’t compromise our professionalism at any point. We still work hard to offer you quality holiday experiences that match you up with your perfect expectations.

Responsible and honest operations – Oluokos holidays experiences allow you to sample and enjoy some of the most spectacular cultural, wildlife and wilderness attractions in Africa, so as you can imagine responsible tourism is vitally important to us. We work and still aim to work hard to ensure tourism brings positive impacts to local communities and wildlife conservation in our destinations, and seek to uphold its values in everything we do.

Choosing to go better with Oluokos Signature simply means you’ll be contributing to the efforts of slowing down our carbon footprints and in return saving communities, the wilderness and wildlife in Africa, while at the same time preserving cultures and creating opportunities regenerative and sustainable possibilities.

Past, Current, and Future Relationship – No matter whether you inquired or booked holiday with Oluokos Signature, we will remain committed to long-term relationships with like-minded, passionate good people with good vibes about Africa. Locally, we choose partners who understand, practice and share our values, and care about our discerning guests. Oluokos have long-standing, intact relationships with the most reputable and respected industry players in Africa. We’ve worked with many of them for years – more than a decade in some cases – and visit them regularly to this day, it means we have complete faith and the best understanding regarding their operations and even their growth trajectory.

Away from our partners – our deep relationships with our clients are equally important to us. Learning and knowing you is crucial, as this is how we can identify your holiday taste buds and travel desires. We have the experience that we’re doing it right because more than 40% of our current business come from referrals, happy past or happy repeat clients – some of them on their second or third trip with Oluokos Signature.

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