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At Oluokos Signature, we frequently monitor the social, economic, and environmental impact of our experience executions to ensure we are at the forefront of responsible and ethical tourism in the industry. We aim to work collaboratively with our partners and suppliers who we view as an integral part of stakeholders in the natural and cultural experiences we offer.


By the nature of our operations in a responsible way, we contribute significantly to local economies, and communities and to the protection of wildlife and ecosystems.

Admitting that we do not employ people on the ground directly, our carefully selected suppliers employ local naturalists, experience guides, safari guides, and specialists whose activities support and sustain their environment in a responsible manner.

Our 3Cs Concept


  • Oluokos Signature along with our suppliers champion for sustainability in tourism. We believe that this represents a unique opportunity that allows us to assist in the formulation of a clear Environment Policy at an early stage of the country’s tourism development. At Oluokos Signature and in all our destinations in Kenya, Eastern and Central Africa are determined to set and follow the standard and by doing this we constantly review our operations in the above-mentioned destinations.
  • We work closely with our locally owned suppliers to inform and educate their staff about a range of issues. For instance, litter and waste disposal and water conservation.
  • Litter is a huge problem in many countries where there is limited or no infrastructure for waste disposal. The first step is to ensure that on our group tours we minimize the use of resources in the first place. We also strongly advise all our guests about single-use plastic and the best ways of recycling.
  • We only work with small group sizes, averaging just 6 clients on every departure. This goes a long way in ensuring that Oluokos Signature has a very low impact on the destinations that we visit.
  • Some of our experiences take us to remote locations where either we are the first group to visit or among the very few groups that do so. We go to great lengths to travel without leaving any trace of our visit.
  • In a bid to remain paperless or to reduce the exorbitant costs of printing, we strongly advise our clients to make full use of our website. This includes the facility to download a brochure and tour dossier for viewing.
  • Our team is loyal users of public transport and our Managing Director does not own any vehicles. We always advise our new staff to follow this to commute to the place of work.
  • Oluokos Signature will provide all guests with a Guests’ Code of Conduct, which includes suggestions on how to reduce water usage, minimize damage to the environment, wildlife, and marine ecosystems.
  • Throughout Oluokos Signature experience programs, we have included a number of activities that our guests take part in at our selected local projects with direct or indirect social, conservation, and commercial benefits.


  • Our small group size and limited departures guarantee minimum impact on the destinations that we visit sustainably. Importantly, we do not promote mass visitation to our destinations. In return, this helps by not advancing negative effects on the sometimes already vulnerable ethnic groups that live there.
  • Oluokos Signature always works extra hard to promote destinations that so far do not appear on the tourist map. We believe that this is the ultimate investment in the future and towards the creation of sustainable social benefits. Some of our marked destinations are in the regions that to date have been overlooked by major tour operators.
  • Oluokos Signature strictly promotes sustainable travel and in this case, we will not provide any travel plans to individuals who are not prepared to travel in a courteous and responsible manner.
  • Oluokos Signature ensures that our Experience Designers, Experience Guides, Community Guides, and our clients respectively are sensitive to the host community’s traditions. We expect all to act in a responsible manner in their interaction with the host community.
  • Equally and in good time before and during every holiday experience, our clients, experienced guides, and community guides are well briefed on local customs and general courtesy that is expected from them. We strongly respect privacy and for example, we ask for permission before taking photographs and appropriate dress codes and conduct appropriately in places of worship.


    • With much leaner operations and a deeper focus, it must be appreciated that we are working with some of the moderately developed and least developed countries in Africa. This comes with its own challenges which at Oluokos Signature, we try to address and offer solutions to through sustainable tourism.
    • As a sustainable holiday outfit, we take our role incredibly with a lot of passion and are determined to put as much as possible back into the communities we are privileged to visit. We have gone the extra to personally research our holiday experiences and to meet with our locally owned and operated suppliers. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers and holistically believe that our continued success is dependent on these close relationships.
    • We use small and locally owned accommodation facilities and locally produced goods from our suppliers. This means that the income remains within the country’s grassroots level and that this creates a positive economic contribution. We also feel that the passion inherent within such suppliers means that your experience will be enhanced. It is important that we engage with our suppliers on an equal basis.
    • The use of environmentally friendly local accommodation remains to be our priority. Where this is not possible, we make every effort to work with the management of the accommodation facilities on ways of improving their services with sustainability in mind.
    • Oluokos Signature treats its suppliers fairly and with utmost dignity. Knowing reasonably well that they are all part of our business and that they make a foundation to our success.
    • Oluokos Signature guests are usually only accompanied by locally based guides. By doing this, we ensure that what our guests spend goes directly into the local economy.
    • At Oluokos Signature, we actively promote and advise our overseas suppliers on a range of issues in our destinations.  Our intention is to benefit their overall business supply chain and not just Oluokos Signature. We offer advice on our digital brochure and website development and design and those we will positively contribute to their overseas marketing campaigns.
    • We are always happy to work with our Overseas Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents and we encourage them to always feel free and engage us for the best way of promoting our destinations.



Positive Changes Through Tourism

A believer in the positive impact

Our signature makes a difference wherever we can with a simple mission: to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, to protect wildlife and marine life, and to care for the planet we call home.

Be Curious, Let’s Go Eco’s goal is to use the positive power of holidays to make a difference in our experiences and in our office.

A believer in positive impacting

Help the community…

We help support artisans, farmers, and families, & invest in micro-enterprises.

Preserve Ecosystems & the inhabitants…

We help protect & maintain the diversity of wildlife, cultures, and traditions.

Care for the planet, our only home…

We help reduce our footprint & protect the environment.

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