Aderema Hills Safaris

Aderema Hills – Imagine a place where you can live an ancestral experience where nature’s tranquility meet the Iteso community. Imagine walking in the bush with a community guide following wildlife tracks while enjoying some of the magnificent views across the valley.

Trekking to the top of the green hills of the Aderema and having the sunrise or sunset aperitif with chirping birds and trees swaying in the wind… All these, while protecting what we treasure most, the community and nature.

It is no secret, that wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate and the threat of climate catastrophe is a constant worry. We live in a time of ecological and climate emergency.

However, there is still hope for us to fight back against these twin emergencies, but we must act now. Time is running out. Oluokos Signature as sustainable travel company together with Iteso community that lives in the Aderema hills, in Busia County, Kenya are trying to conserve at least 20% of our beautiful landscapes at the Aderema Hills to remain protected for biodiversity’s recovery.

We want to accelerate our conservation work through sustainable travel. This will help to ensure that the Aderema Hills rare bird species, primates, trees and bushes thrive well by connecting and restoring beautiful wild places – places that store carbon and help tackle the climate crisis too.

We want to make more space for nature to return in abundance and give our struggling wildlife the chance to recover. 20% is the bare minimum that nature needs to start recovering but we are far short of this and need your help to turn things around.

Why visit Aderema Hills

Aderema Hills offer so much more than just your ordinary holiday expectations!

In a nutshell, Aderema is more than a cocktail of experiences. Expect more than the drive to get here, so, we don’t have game drives but preciously cherished walking options and it’s not just about game drives and the stunning landscapes that sweep beyond Kenya’s frontiers with Uganda!

While you are with us, you can immerse yourself into the community, our culture, experience the villages’ serenity, superb views of  Kenya’s second-highest mountain, Mount Elgon,  hiking, walking safaris, bird watching, and absolutely amazing skies.

Our flexibility allows you to choose what you would like your day to look like and we’ll be more than delighted to guide you through the available options. At Aderema, your pace and your taste contribute to the weaving of your experience.

Aderema Hills - Included Tourism Highlights

Aderema Hills stands majestically between Kenya’s last frontier, the acacia plains, the fertile dusty woodlands of the Iteso land, and the serenity of the Malaba River. With our ecotourism initiative, we have spent a good part of our lives working closely with the Iteso, and don’t forget the Oluokos are Nilotes too and this makes us be proudly associated with our Iteso community, the birds, wildlife, and land surrounding our nature-loving family. Ouma Oluoko, founder of the Oluokos Signature, and his wife, Christine spend the majority of their time visiting these environs with guests to understand the beauty amidst the needs and struggles of the Iteso and initiate ventures that will make a real difference in the future.

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Destination Spotlight: Aderema Hills

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