Western Kenya

Western Kenya, Kenya’s Least Known Destination

Western Kenya – The least-visited Western Kenya is home to rolling tea plantations, lush swamps, and equatorial forests, along with Kenya’s second-highest mountain and the largest lake in Africa.

However, the ultimate highlight is the Masai Mara a natural continuation of the famous Serengeti Plains undulating grassland, dramatic escarpments, beautiful acacia forests – and the greatest wildlife show on earth.

Scaling up the heights of Mount Elgon sampling Nile Perch big fishing opportunities, birding the remote islands, or just basking lazily on the mainland beaches of Lake Victoria are among the so many leisure activities to undertake while in Western Kenya.

With some of the most breath-taking sunrises and sunsets, Western Kenya remains to be one of the best locations in Kenya to see some of Kenya’s most sought-after bird species in its forests, swamps, lakes, and rivers, and even in the scattered hills with its neighboring countries. Beyond flora and fauna, it’s in Western Kenya where the 44th former US president, Barack Obama has his roots in the village of Alego, Kogelo. Well known to be among the most welcoming communities, the culture here isn’t something to be missed. Welcome to Western Kenya!

Why Visit Western Kenya

Exploring and appreciating Western Kenya beyond the well-defined wildlife boundaries of the Maasai Mara wouldn’t only show you what Western Kenya has to offer but also the diversity of this iconic destination.

There is so much to this side of the country than the plains of herbivores and carnivores or the popular coastal beaches. From the dense forests of Kakamega that are buzzing with unique and endemic creatures to the rain-soaked green hills of Kericho and their verdant tea lawns to the golden-hued waters of Lake Victoria, the attractions here herald a new chapter of experiences.


Included Highlights

Western Kenya is a world of wonders. From its lush green highlands, rolling tea plantations, vast swamps, Kenya’s second-highest peak on Mount Elgon, and the equatorial rainforests, along with the largest lake in Africa – Lake Victoria. Western Kenya positions itself as an alternative gateway to the world’s most popular nature sanctuary, the Masai Mara Game Reserve, where annually the most spectacular show on earth takes place. These features make the region a premier ecotourism destination.

Other than these star attractions, the region has a wealth of cultural and historical attractions. The massive sacred stones of Kit Mikayi, Thimlich Ohinga, a 14th-century complex – a recent addition to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Mausoleum, The Obama’s Grandparents Home in Siaya, and the Tom Mboya Mausoleum on Rusinga Island are some of the remarkable historical features that stand out in the region that are worth visiting.

Kakamega is also home to one of the most exciting and popular cultural events – the famous bullfighting. A leisurely to Kakamega Forest is a sure way of appreciating the beauty of this equatorial rain forest for the best hiking and bird-watching experiences.

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