Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

Uganda – Although landlocked, the variety of natural diversity that Uganda offers is astonishing when compared to its neighboring, the savannah countries of East Africa; not only does one have access to the majority of the savannah game that you would see in the classical wildlife destination in Kenya’s Masai Mara or in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park but you also have over eight hundred species of bird, some national parks where you can track the mountain gorillas, a variety of habitats where you can also track chimpanzees or alternatively, take a couple of primate walks and a wide variety of forests, crater lakes, and mountains.


Why Visit Uganda

Uganda gives you the best combination to some of the best parts of African wildlife safaris, and in our opinion, Uganda still deserves the best wildlife planning for the best holiday experiences in the future.

Stunning accommodation: The accommodation in Uganda ranges in quality, but we never make compromises on location. See some of the most incredible vistas in the whole of Africa from your private views in the wilderness.

Amazing combos: Uganda’s location makes it perfect for combining with lots of other African destinations, including DR Congo Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. You can add some coastal or inland beaches too!

The home for mountain gorilla tracking: Track the mountain gorillas in two national parks, combine that with some classical savannah game viewing, all in one country!


Included Highlights

Wildlife Safari – To those looking for a traditional Uganda holiday, Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best MUST visit. Ecologically sandwiched between Lake George and Lake Edwards, this nature reserve is home to almost 90 mammals including lions, leopards, elephants,s, and buffalo, and well as incredibly diverse flora well dispersed in its five distinct climatic zones within its borders and with over 500 bird species.

Available Options – Game viewing here takes place either by vehicle or by boat, usually along the traditional Kazinga Channel connecting the two lakes. It’s here, where many hippos and other wildlife can be spotted.

Mountain Gorillas – It is estimated that over 50% of the world’s population of mountain gorillas reside in Uganda’s conservation areas, making it the place to go to experience this astonishingly human-like animal in its natural habitat.

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