Malaba, Kenya – Tourist Activities and Experiences

Malaba, Kenya – The Frontier’s Last Minute Attractions

Oluokos Fair Acres – Life in the Aderema Hills is about experiences. We have no pre-determined game activities or traditional schedules. All our activities are tailored to pursue your every whim; whether that be birding in pursuit of the Western Kenya alluring bird species alongside the enchanting beautiful countryside that overlooks the looming plains below and deep into Uganda. Join the fun of harvesting the millet in our community, smell the dust as the donkeys and cattle rush to quench their thirst, hike the so many tempting hills of the Iteso for some of the most panoramic views across Kenya and beyond the acacia plains, and, above all being in the least-visited corner of Kenya where everything is timed differently….

Why Visit Malaba, Kenya

Aderema Hills offer so much more than just your ordinary holiday expectations!

In a nutshell, Aderema is more than a cocktail of experiences. Expect more than the drive to get here, so, we don’t have game drives but preciously cherished walking options and it’s not just about game drives and the stunning landscapes that sweep beyond Kenya’s frontiers with Uganda!

While you are with us, you can immerse yourself into the community, our culture, experience the villages’ serenity, superb views of  Kenya’s second-highest mountain, Mount Elgon,  hiking, walking safaris, bird watching, and absolutely amazing skies.

Our flexibility allows you to choose what you would like your day to look like and we’ll be more than delighted to guide you through the available options. At Katotoi, your pace and your taste contribute to the weaving of your experience.


Included Highlights

Aderema Hills stands majestically between Kenya’s last frontier, the acacia plains, the fertile dusty woodlands of the Iteso land, and the serenity of the Malaba River. With our ecotourism initiative, we have spent a good part of our lives working closely with the Iteso, and don’t forget the Oluokos are Nilotes too and this makes us be proudly associated with our Iteso community, the birds, wildlife, and land surrounding our nature-loving family. Ouma Oluoko, founder of the Oluokos Signature, and his wife, Christine spend the majority of their time visiting these environs with guests to understand the beauty amidst the needs and struggles of the Iteso and initiate ventures that will make a real difference in the future.

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