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We believe that the best, most effective, and immediate way to help both the conservation of wildlife and the interests of the communities who own the land where our activities take place is to visit us. Through the payment of daily conservation fees – money that we collect goes a long way towards financing nature conservation.

We honestly understand that the communities can only protect the wildlife, the flora, and the fauna only if they get immense and tangible benefits from sustainable tourism. At Aderema by Oluokos, making nature a profitable business is an important way to ensure a long-term win-win scenario for both nature and communities.

Your visitation and stay at Aderema create direct and indirect job opportunities with more than 95% of our staff sourced from these communities and also contributing to the GDP of Kenya.

The Better Aderema

Volunteers joining this program will assist with education and social welfare programs as well as outreach work focused on health and economic development. This project is set in Aderema, a village in Amukura, Kenya where the need is great. The project offers a half-day option when combined with English language teaching at a local school.

Volunteer for Nature

Volunteering with animals allows you to work directly with ethical, and environmental projects all at Aderema in Amukura, Kenya. You will be able to volunteer directly with wild animals and birds on the Aderema Hills, in particular the rare and threatened species.

Help make a difference in the lives of animals affected by the destruction of habitats, and hunting. These projects perfectly suit candidates who are passionate about Africa’s wildlife and protecting our natural heritage for future generations.

Conservation & Community's Outreach

At Aderema by Oluokos, we arrange visits to the local learning institutions to introduce ecotourism and nature conservation concepts and projects through lectures, nature walks, presentations, and documentary shows. We are also eager to teach them about bird watching and even introduce bird watching in the future.

Our community outreach is also extended part-time and, full-time internships annually for two local students, and multiple school visits per year to learn about eco-tourism, wildlife conservation, green technology, and environmental responsibility and sustainability. These lessons are vital as they grow up and we believe that they will be of good help for their future career development.

Join us on a bird walk or follow us on social media platforms. You could also share this with your friends and associates so that they may remain informed should they want to join us.

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