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Our History

The Oluokos Signature story began over 12 years ago, when our CEO set up a small walking safari outfit in Kenya. This was our turning point and overtime, this niche enterprise thatwas born from a passion for walking and bird watching safaris that Ouma Oluoko had developed over many years guiding in East Africa, working in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

From the year of our establishment, we have maintained the wildlife experience and expertise that still attract clients so that they may enjoy being in touch with nature in the most responsibel way possible.

In 2017, we changed our operations and adopted the name Oluokos Signature, a move that consolidated our specialist knowledge and allowed us to focus specifically in our chosen destinations.

Today Oluokos Signature retains its niche focus, designed to bring people into close contact with iconic wildlife species and incredible cultures in Eastern and Central Africa. We specialise in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda focusing always on the life-changing experiences through culture and nature.

We’re a family with decades of experience while living and working in Africa.  Our ethos is deeply rooted in family values. Just like, it is with many family businesses around the globe. Our operations modules are being passed down to our children who are already in some of our holiday planning. We believe in family systems because they help us to cultivate a climate of being attentive, nurturing, intuitive, inclusive, receptive, and give room for a holistic approach and the development of the business.

At Oluokos Signature, we take the pride in putting you in the right place at the right time to maximise your holiday experience. This is what we do passionately, at all levels of the business. Our dedicated and well informed team have lived, worked and travelled across reasonably well, and together we have the requisite knowledge and experience to plan and weave the signature experience for you. 

Our Deep Understanding – At Oluokos Signature, we are committed ensuring that you get up close and personal life-changing life experiences whilst promoting responsible travel and supporting local conservation in our handpicked destinations.

At Oluokos comfort is our number one essential; our core focus is on experiential luxury rather than the look and the maximum number of guests you can take.

By choice, we strike a balance by doing both. We realized that there is no point in staying in a luxury lodge if there are no attractions to enjoy! Please note that majority of our experiences are tailored to the specific requirements. Whether, you are looking for some sweet family moments or group relaxation – we are equally privileged to handle excellently specialist requirements- whether you are looking for bird watching experience or honeymooners departures.

To have a chat with one of our specialists and for your ultimate wildlife holiday please contact us.

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