Our Expertise

Our Expertise – Oluokos Signature is a specialist holiday outfitter with a focus on nature, creating signature experiences that put our guests in the right place at the right time all year round. Our highly devoted team of specialists has unmatched knowledge and on-the-ground knowledge and has all lived, guided, or discovered enormously in the destinations that they share.

At Oluokos, each one of us plays an important role in delivering unforgettable experiences to our clients from start to finish, and we all share the same passion and commitment to what we do. at our Oluokos Fair AcresAderema Hills, Amukura, Kenya office where you will find us, weaving hard to create imaginative holiday experiences.

Our team of specialists has extensive on-the-ground knowledge and has all lived, guided, or explored in detail the destinations that we sell.

Oluokos Signature’s staffs are undoubtedly its biggest asset and all pride themselves on their high levels of expertise and professionalism.

Here you can meet the team of expert specialists behind Oluokos Signature and find out more about what we do and what makes us stand out from others.

We are experienced specialists – As a specialist experience outfitter, we have excellent partnerships with other locally-based experience guides and conservationists. We know our job, and we will do what we can responsibly to preserve it for future generations to come.

We know that this is not a word that should be used lightly by any holiday company when it comes to holiday experiences planning, at Oluokos Signature we strive to ensure all of our experiences are, yes, seamless! With many years dedicated to living, working and guiding in eastern and central Africa we know every logistical detail, what issues could possibly arise and how to avoid them. It’s just one of the benefits of working with our experts. We ensure you’re always supported, safe and surrounded by people who are as determined as us to ensure you have the holiday experience of a lifetime.

Select, book, and confirm your holiday with Oluokos Signature – Though we sometimes accept bookings that are over 15 months, we always recommend holiday experiences in Africa be booked around 12 months in advance so that you don’t miss out on staying at your dream safari destination properties. When you book your holiday with Oluokos Signature you’ll secure the price of your holiday at that time, even if there are currency fluctuations in the months leading up to your holiday. 

Our Values – What you should expect when you work with Oluokos Signature

If you ever visit Oluokos Signature office at the Oluokos Fair Acres in Amukura, you’ll notice our commitment to safeguarding nature in the Aderema Hills. This is not only our commitment but it also come with blessings and support from our community. 

We serve with care and commitment – You’ve probably heard other businesses use this sort of language to make you book – and maybe you’ve been let down by some of them. At Oluokos, when you start dealing with us you’ll see that we really do mean the opposite of what others think. Always, we create unforgettable scheduled and customized holiday experiences to eastern and central Africa – and the only way to do this is by really getting to know our clients and their holiday wishes and expectations. We whole-heartedly listen to you and are committed to making your whole holiday experience seamless, from the planning process until you get back home. We awesomely do care about each guest, and we just genuinely like people, so the whole process of helping you discover the natural wonders of Africa is something that gives us happiness.

Accurate Information – We rigorously check the information about accommodation, resorts, itineraries, etc., to ensure it is correct to the best of our knowledge before being published.

Product descriptions and facilities may change before and after you book and it is worth noting that our brochures are prepared well in advance. Please check the up-to-date position at the time of booking. Please bear in mind that hoteliers, restaurateurs, etc., may wish to maintain or improve their facilities, or even take a break themselves.

Final details will be shown on your holiday documents. Tour, excursion, and safari itineraries may change as a result of local conditions. Circumstances such as these, weather conditions, time of year, or other situations beyond our control, etc., may cause some of the amenities we have described to be unavailable or different from those advertised. When we are told of any significant or long-term changes we will always endeavor to advise you prior to your departure.

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