Kisumu, Kenya’s Only Lakeside City – Lying on the northeastern shore of Lake Victoria, Kisumu also well known as Kisumo, is Kenya’s only lakeside city. The city serves the commercial, industrial, and transportation hub of western Kenya, serving a hinterland populated by almost four million people.

Historically, and by some good margin, Kisumu has remained an important link in the trade route between Lake Victoria and Mombasa because of its water and rail connections with the neighboring countries notably Tanzania through its Mwanza Port and Uganda through Port Bell.

At an altitude of 1,134 meters above sea level, and covering 69,484 square km, Lake Victoria is the second-largest freshwater lake in the world, only exceeded in size by Lake Superior in North America.

With its greatly ascertained depth of about 85 meters, Lake Victoria is home to numerous archipelagos contained within the lake, as are some least known reefs, often just below the surface of the clear waters. From a collection of more than 84 islands commonly known as the Ssese Islands in Uganda to the largest island in Lake Victoria, the Ukerewe in Tanzania, and without forgetting the paleontologists’ paradise of Rusinga Island and the Rock Painting on the Mfangano Island both in Kenya.

For real nature lovers, the lake is home to over 220 bird species, plus more than 200 species of fish, a dozen of reptiles, and of course some dense papyrus reeds, especially around its so many river mouths.  When the weather is fantastic, some of the most beautiful floating ‘cities’ can be witnessed against the star-studded African skies.

Having heavily dwelt on Kisumu’s main attraction, Lake Victoria we are sure that you have refreshed your geography well. We are very convinced that you must be asking what activities could be done in the lakeside city. Apart from being humid for the better part of the day the city itself is a very welcoming one. It’s known for the most friendly Luo community who will be more than willing to share with you the inside out from the best coffee cafes in the city to the open restaurants on the beach.

If you love fashion and design rest assured that the malls in the city have something to catch your eyes. Away from the malls, Kisumu has some very inviting street vendors where you can learn and enjoy bargaining for some of your treasured souvenirs. You are more than welcome to enjoy the city on a three-wheeler (Tu Tuk), take a stroll to some of the easily reachable attractions, cruise the lake on a boat if you want to capture the city from the lake and if your time permits, we can organize for you more excursions out of the city for the day.  

Attractions that are not to be missed include lakeside viewpoints at Dunga Hill Camp and Hippo Point, Dunga Beach, Dunga Community Boardwalk, Riat Hills, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary shelters herds of impalas and zebras alongside other wildlife the city’s Kisumu Museum with its fantastic display of artifacts related to the people of the lake region and the nearby highlands. Talk to us for a lakeside city experience Read more 

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