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The Magical Kenya Safari

One of the major draws of going on safari in Kenya is the sheer variety of attractions and the activities on its safaris menu. Kenya is diverse and that means that you can see much within a short period of visitation as opposed to other destinations in Africa.

Whilst the game-rich savanna plains of the Masai Mara still remain to be undoubtedly the best-known of Kenya’s parks, in the know guests would also love to head up to the least-visited Western Kenya where Kakamega, Kenya’s only equatorial rain forest lies or explore the inland beaches the remote islands of Mfangano and Rusinga in Lake Victoria. The vast Laikipia conservancies are home to some of Africa’s best-run rhino conservation projects and where the views of the snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya offer a compelling backdrop to every safari guest.

More adventurous guests may wish to discover the wilds of Lake Turkana where they can camp under the stars and trek through the bush with only their guides and a team of camels for company. The stunning Mount Meru National Park, the former home to Elsa the lioness of Born Free fame is another wonderful spot, as are the drier parks of Amboseli, and Tsavo East and West to the south.

Explore the rugged mountains in the north from a helicopter and then find yourself riding through the green Chyulu Hills amongst some of the biggest tuskers in the world without forgetting the spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro. With an incredible combination of all the best wildlife in the bush to the turquoise waters of the Swahili coastline on the Indian Ocean.

For visitors looking to enjoy a longer safari trip with a number of varied areas, Kenya really does have everything to offer.


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Why Luxury Safari in Kenya

The main reason for visiting Kenya is course, its abundant wildlife. This has made Kenya to be an amazing safari holiday not only for the seasoned travelers but also for the first timers equally.  Wildlife safaris in Kenya yields perhaps much better than any other country on the continent with the sheer variety and numbers of animals that can be seen on any single visitation.

The premier Masai Mara, home to of the best big cat sightings on earth, as well as the herds of the Great Migration that call Masai Mara plains their home in the months of July and October takes the plaudits. Alongside the wildlife, you will be able to experience personal encounters with the iconic Masai tribe who for ages have coexisted peacefully with the wildlife.  

Explore the splendid land of Samburu in northern Kenya for the unique species of Samburu. Encounter the mighty Tuskers of the Amboseli back dropped by the picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

Rhino and conservation enthusiasts should head north to Laikipia, more specifically the Borana and Lewa Conservancies, which are home to some incredible rhino conservation, projects, as well as a huge variety of other wildlife.

Wherever you choose to go and whatever animals are top of your list, you will be accompanied by amazing and very knowledgeable safari guides who will really do their best to bring your safari experience to life.

Kenya Luxury Safari

Private Kenya Safaris

Kenya Luxury Tours and Safaris

Oluokos Signature selected private Kenya luxury tours offer the ultimate holiday experiences in the quintessential African safari destinations. Our Kenya luxury holiday experience designers have travelled throughout Kenya to weave some of the finest luxury tours that feature the best-handpicked safari lodges, highly rated guides, widest options when it comes to the standards of accommodation and an array of wildlife in Kenya’s most beautiful landscapes.

Not limited to game drives, our Kenya luxury safaris include venturing into the uncrowded host communities private wildlife conservancies, iconic nature reserves and national parks. In brief, names such as Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseli, Masai Mara, Laikipia, Samburu, the Chyulu Hills, and Tsavo are among the so many incredible highlights of our Kenya luxury safaris.

These top destinations make the best spotting locations for the Big Five and the Big Seven game alike.  Witnessing the annual wildebeest migration, and experiencing the romance of Kenya’s endless savannah grasslands, verdant Rift Valley lakes, the sun-baked deserts around Lake Turkana, Kenya’s coastal strip where the sand kisses the beach, the equatorial rainforest of the Kakamega and without missing to mention the towering peaks on the Mount Kenya.

In addition to the luxury wildlife safari, we can arrange special activities in Kenya such as a hot-air balloon flight over a game-filled savannah at dawn to sunrise; visits to an elephant orphanage, rhino conservation program or chimpanzee sanctuary; a meeting with the highly celebrated Samburu and the Masai tribesmen. We can also combine the same with or visit to a traditional Kenyan village, camel back safari; horseback safaris; relaxing nature walks; night game drives; birdwatching and much more.
Upon request, we can also arrange private game drives and private charter flights within Kenya.

Safaris & Conservation Concept
Kenya Luxury Safaris & Conservation

Every fragile ecosystem is somebody’s home. Empowering local communities through ecotourism is every conservationist’s obligation. For an ecosystem to remain successful, it relies on the community those benefits from initiatives supported by responsible conservation practice. Some of these benefits include good health, sanitation, and access to education, resilient cultures, strong social infrastructures, food security, and indirect benefits.

Part of a holistic solution to a problem that if left unchecked could result in having to restock our wildernesses in the next few years’ time. Through ecotourism, we’ve designed the Beyond Parks Initiative as a solution to tackle poverty, protect communities, conserve nature, and effect cultural change only where it’s absolutely necessary.

For us, ensuring that we have the greatest impact has meant Oluokos creating its own signature footprint. We treasure our community; we’re dearly attached to nature as we depend on it for our lifelong income. The success of our approach requires three vital ingredients: conservation, commerce, and community. Please, read more aout ecotourism and nature conservation

Value for Money
Luxury Safari Value for Money

Kenya luxury safaris by Oluokos Signature offers access to unique destinations. Our luxury travel options are curated for those who seek for experiences that may not be available to the general guests’ category, such as private island resorts, exclusive cultural events, and behind-the-scenes tours.

In spite of the fact that luxury travel may be more expensive, it provides guests with a high level of comfort, personalized attention, and unforgettable experiences that make it well worth the expense. Learn more about Luxury Travel.

The Best Time to Visit
When to go on a Kenya Luxury Safari

For many would be guests, the best time for luxury safari in Kenya is during the great migration season that occurs between July and October. The great migration involves the movement of over 1.2 million wildebeest from the Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park.

Kenya is a year round destination with good safari options all year long. Note that June to October is the high tourism season in Kenya and visiting at this time requires advance planning. Read more…

Oluokos Signature Luxury Escapes
Ol Donyo Lodge

Located on over 111,000 hectares of private land in the heart of the Chyulu Hills, between Kenya’s Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks. The property, Ol Donyo Lodge stands from the ancient lava rock spewed out of Kilimanjaro’s volcanic activities 360,000 years ago.

This has created a timelessness that touches every single guest who visits them. At Ol Donyo Lodge safari experiences, include bird watching, horseback safaris, mountain bike safaris, guided walking safaris and open vehicle game drives.

With the recent refurbishments and improvements, Ol Donyo Lodge now comprise of 8 Deluxe Suites and 1 x 2-bedroomed Sambu Suite that is ideal for families. This has also brought similarities in all suites in terms of interior layout with the removal of the split-level flooring. This now offers the so much fabulous in-door spa treatments.  

The newly enhanced sunken hide will offer guests the opportunity to spend the entire day, or, if they wish, even stay overnight alongside the waterhole.

Why we love Ol Donyo Lodge
  • Go back to the timelessness of an African safari
  • Enjoy the best outdoor experience under the star-studded African sky in the heart of the wilderness.
  • Sip on your favourite sundowner and watch as the resident elephants quench their thirst at a nearby waterhole while you savour the best moments in Africa
  • Get intimacy with nature… Don’t forget to bring your camera with you, as the sun setting behind the majestic peak of Mount Kilimanjaro is unusually awe-inspiring!
  • A heavenly romantic dinner on the rooftop of your suite, beneath a canopy of twinkling African stars and the vastness of the plains around you.
Kiangazi House

Characterised by flagstone floors, open log fires, a range of slumber seating, large black and white aerial photographs of Nairobi, animal paintings, freshly cut roses, heavy set pine furnishings, antiques and dimpled walls, Kiangazi sells itself on a feel that is both elsewhere and home – Kiangazi is the place to call home.

Situated perfectly in the middle of the Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary and the wildlife corridor, and in a natural garden typically in its own layout, enormous lawns, its colourful bougainvillea, its succulent heavy beds and its range of flowers – of the area, Kiangazi House is a stone build consisting of a main house and 5 bedrooms.

White, red tiled and girded by a veranda supported by white columns, the main house includes a huge lounge, a dining room, a bar, games room, kitchen, pool, tennis courts and a library.

Kiangazi House boasts some panoramic views across the Great Rift Valley and the shimmering waters of Lake Oloidien and Lake Naivasha is a stunning quintessential country house.

Why we love Kiangazi House
  • Spacious rooms at Kiangazi House are divided between the main house and an outhouse – the latter home to two doubles. While quite different in terms of size, colourings and choice of soft furnishings, each includes a four-poster bed/twin poster, seating, a private veranda with en suite bathroom.
  • The beds are quite beautiful – comfortable, well positioned – and the overall feel is one of space.
  • Activities at Kiangazi House include wildlife drives, guided walks, trips into the nearby Hells Gate National Park, boat trips on Lake Naivasha, a tour of the nearby flower factory and the chance to visit Joy Adamson’s Elsamere House.
Ol Doinyo Lodge

Welcome for a different journey. Democratic Republic of Congo is known for its breadth of biodiversity and natural richness, which includes the largest area of primary rainforest in Africa. A journey to the heart of DR Congo is off the trodden path somewhat, but this often results in a friendly welcome and some heart-warming interactions with the local host communities. From the mountain gorillas, birdwatching, river expeditions, gettting lost with the pygmies or just sampling the Congolese gourmet. Journeying to DR Congo has lots of potentials for exploration for pioneering explorers looking for unique African holiday experiences.

Kiangazi House

Welcome for a different journey. Democratic Republic of Congo is known for its breadth of biodiversity and natural richness, which includes the largest area of primary rainforest in Africa. A journey to the heart of DR Congo is off the trodden path somewhat, but this often results in a friendly welcome and some heart-warming interactions with the local host communities. From the mountain gorillas, birdwatching, river expeditions, gettting lost with the pygmies or just sampling the Congolese gourmet. Journeying to DR Congo has lots of potentials for exploration for pioneering explorers looking for unique African holiday experiences.

4 Days The Great Wildlife Migration

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Masai Mara Luxury Migration Safari
Limited Space Available

Follow us and stay informed on the latest wildife migration safari and news from the Katanga region in the DR Congo.

We make positive changes through tourism. Join our maiden trip to the Upemba and Kundelungu National Parks in the DR Congo.

Reviews from Our Clients

Our guide Joseph was the best. He showed us all animals, big and small. Knew every species of bird. A conservationist at heart. We told him where we wanted to go and our budget and he planned it all for us. We always felt very safe. I am from the UK, I taught in Kenya for a while and went on a few different safaris. This was definitely the best tour operator. I went with him several times. Recommend to all my friends traveling to Kenya!
Nia Gibson

Nia Gibson

The customised agenda for our day allowed us to make the most of our time in Ruma while also not feeling rushed. As we visited during low season for tourism, we literally had the park to ourselves and what a treat! I'm delighted to provide this review and wholeheartedly recommend Oluokos Signature and Ouma for any safari or other wildlife/outdoor adventure you may want to do while visiting Africa. I can't wait for my next trip!
Kelly Brantner

Kelly Brantner

Our group was on a business trip to Kenya, and we were able to take a Saturday off from work and took a safari trip to Ruma National Park with Oluokos Signature Ltd. We had a great time! We had the pleasure of being the only tour group in the park on the day we went, and thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Ouma and Christine were so lovely, and made sure we enjoyed our day. Ouma happens to be one of the top birders in Kenya too!
Sara Lee

Sara Lee

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