Go Better With Oluokos – One of the values we cherish dearly is a “Hello”. At Oluokos Signature, we value the power of greetings. We understand that greetings help us connect with people at a more personal level. A simple hello can make friends of two strangers, it can bring a smile to someone who is alone, and it can change how we feel about a person, a place, and ourselves.

When we say Hello, It brings us one step closer to recognizing the human characteristics we share with people who may appear very different from us on the surface. When you go deeper, even in simple conversation, you just may find that they have stories, too, and life experiences strikingly similar to yours.
At Oluokos Signature, we value our communities. We believe that as a business, we need to support other local businesses. Even when we’re told to maintain social distance, we need each other more than ever. Beyond the health impacts, though, there’s also a community impact. Shopping local means that a community’s economy is more sustainable. Small businesses within the community inspire others to take that leap and develop their own passion. Starting small businesses mean that people are taking charge of their future through innovation and prosperity. Small businesses are that beloved part of what makes our hometowns feel like home. We rely on them daily – and now, more than ever- they need us.
Connecting with people while traveling is about learning from others and sharing yourself. We open ourselves to people, to our own humanity, and the possibilities are beyond our own imaginations. Life is a human exercise. So, too, is travel.
At Oluokos Signature, we are careful to make sure that our guest’s foods come directly from the local farms. We understand that this goes a long way in boosting the local economy and empowering the local farmers. Because we also care for the environment, our approach also helps the environment as food does not have to be transported over long distances, meaning that there are fewer greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere.

Oluokos Signature we understand that to truly realize the economic value of our natural resources, the inclusion of the local people is truly important. Communities #gobetterwitholuokos as we realize that engagement is a vital component to catalyze grassroots development responsibly. Please read more…