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Are you ready to join us and restore balance and harmony in some of the Kenya’s most eclectic ecosystem? Contact us today and begin a life-changing journey that makes a difference

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Aderema By Oluokos – Smile With Nature

Having an in-depth understanding of the lack of alternative livelihoods is a key issue that both, directly and indirectly, affect the ecosystems. Our response to this alongside our guests and, other conservation organizations should identify feasible alternative activities that could both, directly and indirectly, generate income for the native communities from the natural resources sustainably. Travel for good with Oluokos Signature.

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The ownership of Oluokos Signature is in the hands of people for whom travel is part of their daily lives and who have the deepest love for our destinations. To us, we believe that travel isn’t just a business, but a way of exploring, appreciating, and understanding better the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit our numerous destinations.

Our aim is to take our guests to some of the most interesting and unique regions of eastern and central Africa. These destinations are yet to be discovered by the mass tourism sector. These chosen emerging destinations always offer something very special to the curious traveler.

Having an option to escape from the traditional tourist hotspots into destinations where tourism is not well understood, where the experiences are awesomely authentic, and where you have the best opportunity to indulge yourself in the pristine beauty of a country where life is timeless and the world breaths rejuvenation in you.

Our style of exploring remote frontiers accords us with some of the best memories as we unmask the true faces of the least visited destinations in the world, by doing this we contribute to the development of tourism to the marginalized destinations. Our happiness is to make traveling to the least known destination – exciting, rewarding, captivating and absolutely in a responsible manner.

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