Kisumu, Kenya’s Only Lakeside City

Kisumu, Kenya’s Only Lakeside City – Lying on the northeastern shore of Lake Victoria, Kisumu also well known as Kisumo, is Kenya’s only lakeside city. The city serves the commercial, industrial, and transportation hub of western Kenya, serving a hinterland populated by almost four million people. Historically, and by some good margin, Kisumu has remained […]

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Kenya Bird Watching Safaris

Kenya Bird Watching Safaris – From the dull and drub finch to the beautiful sunbird and from the mythical Hamerkop to the steady and no-nonsense bustard bird… Hey, this is Kenya. Let’s go birding! Of vistas so immense that they touch your soul for nature and awake your birding spirit. With a checklist of over […]

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Why Visit Western Kenya

Why Visit Western Kenya – If you are requested to choose one between dancing with the setting sun and following the trails of the migrating wildebeest… What would you choose? Welcome to Western Kenya! Like I have said so many times that this is Western Kenya and not Wasted Kenya To those of you, who […]

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