Why Visit Western Kenya

Why Visit Western Kenya – If you are requested to choose one between dancing with the setting sun and following the trails of the migrating wildebeest… What would you choose? Welcome to Western Kenya! Like I have said so many times that this is Western Kenya and not Wasted Kenya To those of you, who […]

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Into the Wilderness of DR Congo

Into the Wilderness of DR Congo – Interestingly in the news most of the time for the wrong reasons, DR Congo is known for its breadth of biodiversity and natural richness, which includes the largest area of primary rainforest in Africa. A journey to the heart of DR Congo is off the trodden path somewhat, […]

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Go Better With Oluokos

Go Better With Oluokos – One of the values we cherish dearly is a “Hello”. At Oluokos Signature, we value the power of greetings. We understand that greetings help us connect with people at a more personal level. A simple hello can make friends of two strangers, it can bring a smile to someone who […]

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