Beyond Parks Intitiative

Every fragile ecosystem is somebody’s home. Empowering local communities through ecotourism is every conservationist’s obligation. For an ecosystem to remain successful, it relies on the community those benefits from initiatives supported by responsible conservation practice. Some of these benefits include good health, sanitation, and access to education, resilient cultures, strong social infrastructures, food security, and indirect benefits.

Part of a holistic solution to a problem that if left unchecked could result in having to restock our wildernesses in the next few years’ time. Through ecotourism, we’ve designed the Beyond Parks Initiative as a solution to tackle poverty, protect communities, conserve nature, and effect cultural change only where it’s absolutely necessary.

For us, ensuring that we have the greatest impact has meant Oluokos creating its own signature footprint. We treasure our community; we’re dearly attached to nature as we depend on it for our lifelong income. The success of our approach requires three vital ingredients: conservation, commerce, and community.


Our Ecosystems


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