Aderema - Our Team

The Benefits

  • Community-owned resource center. Building a fully-fledged resource center where residents from the community may spend some hours learning more about global developments through the internet and other relevant books.
  • Self-financing protected areas. English language immersion for the young Teso in the community. Language development is vital not only for academic excellence but also for developmental opportunities beyond the Aderema community.
  • Nature pays so nature stays. The host community, understanding the economic benefits of sustainable tourism, is often motivated to protect resources and adopt conservationist attitudes. We believe nature is worth so much revenue for many generations to come.
  • Driving sustainable development. While also creating employment opportunities, tourism revenue from our operations helps the local communities towards sustainable development projects. Infrastructure, health, and education are some of the main beneficiaries.
  • Long-term income. Sustainable tourism often proves to be a more sustainable development strategy than extractive uses of the land such as logging, grazing, mining, or unstainable farming. In the real economic assessment of suitable hunting, charcoal burning and unstainable harvesting of natural resources could only offer some initial high return, followed by little income then in the long term there will be no return at all. Based on this observation, we would love to conclude by saying that, sustainable tourism provides the most income over the long term.
  • Environmental education. The host community will benefit from the environmental education that comes along with sustainable tourism. Schoolchildren from the Aderema community will routinely be taken to visit the Aderema Hills visitor center, this will be funded in part by eco-tourist dollars, to learn about the intricacies of the hills.
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