Africa Travel Tips

Before coming to Africa, the question that lingers on many people’s minds is safety. Oluokos Signature, Africa Travel Tips will allow you know that for the destinations we send our clients to the answer is always a definite yes, within reason, and with precaution. Our company has handled a good number of travelers to Eastern and Central Africa for over 10 years with no reported incident. Our best understanding to Africa both logistically and geographically has contributed to our smooth operations in all our handpicked destinations.

If you make Africa as your destination of choice then this will be definitely the best travel decisions you could hope to make. From the incredible natural environment to the rich cultural diversity, the friendly locals in its numerous open-air markets to the vibrant and informative cultural festivals, Africa has everything, whether you are a first time or a seasoned guest.

From what to know before you go, how to travel around, and how to stay safe, travel health, travelling with children and choosing accommodation, our Africa travel tips guide will offer you a good dosage to your questions!

Get ready for Africa!

At Oluokos, we don’t cut corners nor do we sugarcoat our destinations so that we convince you. We’re more than happy to hear more from you regarding your preferred style of holiday. Your travel group matters too alongside other aspects like when and money.

Our experience designers have worked effortlessly to ensure that you’re never limited to the traditional travel style. Our safaris menu allow you to mix and match what suits your holiday quest.

At Oluokos, we believe that going on holiday is easy especially when you choose to work with our experience designers. They are not only designers but also accredited destination specialists who understand the inside out of this ever dynamic industry.

Being On Safari

At Oluokos, we take you on a very different and unique African safari. When it comes to exceptional, authentic wildlife experiences, our experience stands out as second to none. We have chosen to shift away from the traditions of game-viewing activities by offering our guests a wide range of variations according to destination, wildlife behavior, migration trends and the season. This allows us to share with our guests experiences as crafted by our finest in-house Experience Designers. Below, please find how we handle our day on safari:

This presents the best chance to see wildlife when temperatures are cool and animals are still interestingly, very active. The price that you must pay here is to wake up early! The wake-up call will be between 5am and 6 am for a quick snack of tea, coffee and biscuits. The morning can be freezing in these early hours so dress warmly but also in layers, so you can peel off clothes as you warm up.

It warms up pretty quickly if you’re doing a walking safari, but should you get chilly on a 4×4 game drive or boating safari; the vehicles and vessels are always packed with blankets.

From our morning wildlife viewing, a beautiful breakfast or brunch will be waiting for you when you get back to camp/lodge.

Travelling With Children

Take your loved ones on the greatest holiday adventure with Oluokos Signature: our family safari choices will take you to some of the vast and unspoiled wilderness of Eastern and Central Africa. With our highly skilled Experience Managers at your side, you’ll delve in the heart of our communities, discover the natural and diverse Africa’s wildlife, and awesomely create some of the finest family moments.

Oluokos Signature families are exceptionally welcomed upon their time of arrival. This comes after a very long time of communication that could have even gone for over a year through emails, phone calls, WhatsApp and even Zoom meetings. Our team of professions will be more than happy to continue taking care of your holiday requirements to details right on-the-ground, in air, in the deep jungles and even on the waters of Africa and they’ll  ensure exceptional levels of you safety, pure value and satisfaction.

Accommodation Options

Eastern and Central Africa is awash with diverse and stunning accommodation options to call home while you are on safari. Our choices of accommodation range from the classic tented safari camps and exclusively exemplary luxury lodges, to the hidden boutique hotels, fully inclusive resorts and private homes that are tucked away off the popular tourist routes. Whatever your taste is, we are sure that, the accommodation options are not limited to our taste of clients.

Our experiences have been crafted to offer truly unforgettable memories. We have designed them in an aspect that allows our guests to enjoy the mix of sleeping under canvas in a remote location before getting spoilt at a luxury city hotel or touching noses with an elephant at one of the luxurious wildlife camps. The detailed accommodation is provide on each itinerary so you’ll never get bored with amenities and each destination.

From the experience that we have gained over the years, we are happy to share that we have sampled numerous properties in Eastern and Central Africa. The ones we recommend to our guests are our favorite places and have been handpicked by us because we know they meet our average criteria of selections.

Most of these facilities are responsibly run and cater for just a reasonable number of guests. Oluokos accepts that getting absolutely away from the crowds is high on every guest’s safari wish list. Having this as our number one golden rule, inspection of our preferred accommodation choices continue on a regular basis to ensure the highest standards are maintained year in, year out.


Our selected tented safari camps or bush camps are enormous, fully equipped with most of the expected amenities and they incredibly come with high level of comfort. Although the quality varies as in some are more rustic while on the other hand others will blow you away with their elegance and luxury.

Travel Documents & Other Requirements

Before embarking on your Africa safari there are quite a number of things to put in order, but nothing’s more important than ensuring your passport, visa and health requirements are all sorted out. Start planning early so you’ve got plenty of time to take care of the following:

All nationalities except Kenyan citizens booking a holiday with Oluokos Signature require a passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date you returned home. You’ll also need two blank pages for each of the countries you’ll be visiting.

If you’re not a Kenyan citizen, other regulations may apply – we encourage you to check with the nearest embassy of the country or countries you intend to visit. Please note that for certain trips, Oluokos Signature will need your passport details before we can accept your booking. And if you have to renew your passport after you’ve booked with us, it’s important that you provide us with the new details as soon as you have them.

Tipping During & After Safari

For ages, tipping has remained to be something of a tradition on safari. This having been well said, it is not compulsory in Africa and always remains at your discretion.

Should you wish to show your appreciation to guides, drivers, camp and lodges staff, an amount of your choice can be added to your bill upon departure from each property, or placed in a gratuities box (where available). This money will then be distributed among all the staff. Alternatively, you may prefer to personally thank – and tip – any staff members you feel went that extra mile to ensure your safari experience was a memorable one.

Staff are usually extremely hard-working and proud of their contributions, and very appreciative when they receive a gratuity and a personal note of thanks. This is an effective way to acknowledge the great job they’re doing and what a positive effect it had on your experience in Africa.

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