2 Reasons Why We Must Conserve – At Oluokos Signature, we believe that conservation education starts early. The Future Conservationists inititiative empowers children to grow up while appreciating the environment and cultures around them, they develop a sense of responsibility toward conservation. It is therefore absolutely important to spark an interest in caring for and protecting the environment while children are still at school.

Kids should start their environmental education at school. The fate of the planet will be in their hands, so it is crucial for them to learn how to use resources wisely and do their bit in the battle against climate change from an early age. The results of this difficult test could be a better, more sustainable, and inhabitable world.

At Oluokos Signature, we aim at teaching children environmental education so that from an early age, they start understanding that caring for nature is part of their responsibilities. The children are then able to develop a firm ecological mindset and use this to address the ever-changing environmental challenges with a proactive attitude and a strong commitment.

According to UNESCO, there are four reasons why we need to offer children environmental education:

  • To make them more aware and conscious of environmental problems.
  • To boost their interest in caring for and improving the environment.
  • To enhance their ability to learn about their surroundings.
  • To broaden their ecological knowledge in subjects such as energy, landscapes, air, water, natural resources, and wildlife.

There are plenty of activities that children can engage in to learn about their environment. They can go outdoors to learn about the weather, plants, trees, rivers, birds, and insects, and also about environmental problems such as pollution, gas emissions, energy consumption, recycling water conservation, and a lot of other important aspects.

Teaching new generations is therefore up to all of us, not just parents and teachers- but it is everyone’s responsibility. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s world leaders and they are going to have to face huge environmental challenges and will have to make crucial decisions for all of humankind. The future is in their hands!
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